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Rodriguez: Fast Paced Vocals with Armando Moreno

Llorar por una mujer (1941)
Danza maligna (1940)
Nyanzas y malevos (Barrio de guapos) (1941)
En la buena y en la mala (1940)

Definitely following in D’Arienzo’s footsteps, Enrique Rodríguez‘s orchestra plays in a very straightforward, rhythmic style. In addition to the usual repertoire of tangos, milongas, and valses, Rodríguez played paso dobles, foxtrots, Viennese waltzes, and other popular ballroom rhythms. He toured all over Latin America.
These four tangos, with Rodríguez’s most famous singer Armando Moreno are classic fast-paced Rodríguez, for those times of night when the dancers are craving energy. “En la buena y en la mala” with lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo, is a classic of the jilted lover’s genre, and “Nyanzas y malevos” is an ode to the old days of the neighborhood of Palermo, with its carnaval crewes and tough guys.