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D’Arienzo: Late ’30s Milongas with Echagüe

Milonga del corazón (1938)
Estampa de varón (1938)
La cicatriz (1939)

D’Arienzo recorded some wonderful milongas throughout his long career. I love these early vocal ones with Alberto Echagüe singing. Actually, “La cicatriz” is one of my favorite milongas of all time, and it took a long time and a lot of help from many different people for me to translate it. Click on the link to read the story and the translation of this wonderful milonga.


Donato: Classic Milongas with Horacio Lagos

Sacale punta (1938)
La milonga que faltaba
Ella es así (1938)

There have been a dearth of milonga tandas on my blog, so here is one to remedy that. Donato‘s milongas are absolutely wonderful, especially the timeless “Ella es así.” As I’ve already said, I realize that most every good tanda has been played by another DJ before me. This is especially true of my favorite vals and milonga tandas, because there are simply fewer danceable valses and milongas. In this particular case I am absolutely certain I have heard this milonga tanda from many other DJs many times, and you know what? True classics never go out of style.

Canaro: Fast Milongas

No hay tierra como la mía, singer Ernesto Famá (1936)
La milonga de Buenos Aires
, singer Ernesto Famá (1939)
Milonga brava
, singer Roberto Maida (1938)

Francisco Canaro was a master of milongas—and these are some of his fastest. Not for the faint of heart, or those who fear sweating.