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Donato: Classic Milongas with Horacio Lagos

Sacale punta (1938)
La milonga que faltaba
Ella es así (1938)

There have been a dearth of milonga tandas on my blog, so here is one to remedy that. Donato‘s milongas are absolutely wonderful, especially the timeless “Ella es así.” As I’ve already said, I realize that most every good tanda has been played by another DJ before me. This is especially true of my favorite vals and milonga tandas, because there are simply fewer danceable valses and milongas. In this particular case I am absolutely certain I have heard this milonga tanda from many other DJs many times, and you know what? True classics never go out of style.


Donato: Vocals with Horacio Lagos

A media luz (1941)
A oscuras (1941)
Soy mendigo (1939)
Alas rotas (1938)

I really love Edgardo Donato. His orchestra, like Canaro, plays in the Guardia Vieja style, with a clear compás and moderately fast tempo. But to me, his sound is a bit less polished, a bit more raw—and I like that. The orchestra hits those downbeats with a decisive thud, as opposed to Canaro’s subjectively more “bouncy” sound.
Among those who sang with Donato, Horacio Lagos is the most famous soloist. These four tangos are not exactly Donato’s “greatest hits” (those would be “El adiós,” and any duets with Lita Morales), but they are certainly very danceable. I begin with the standard and often-covered “A media luz,” and end it with my favorite, “Alas rotas,” by female lyricist Maruja Pacheco Huergo where the singer compares his forgetful lover to a wingless butterfly.