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De Caro: 1940s Instrumentals

Catamarca (1940)
Moulin Rouge (1941)
Maipo (1941)
El pensamiento (1942)

Julio De Caro is one of the giants of tango, though his music doesn’t get a ton of play at milongas, because many of the available transfers are of lamentably poor quality. De Caro is known for his sophisticated approach to tango music, emphasizing the melody and introducing more elaborate instrumentation. Those who like to highlight dichotomies and oppositions in tango see him as D’Arienzo‘s opposite and complement.
In the 1920s, De Caro’s sextet was at the vanguard of musical sophistication in tango, but those recordings are very scratchy and only exciting to very obsessed dancers and aficionados. These lovely recordings from the 1940s are much easier on the ears, especially for crowds with many dilettante dancers.