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De Angelis: Vals Duets with Martel and Dante

Flores del alma (1947)
Pobre flor (1946)
Soñar y nada más (1944)

In Buenos Aires, DJs and dancers enjoy his vocal tangos from the 1940s and 1950s with Floreal Ruiz and Oscar Larroca, but in the U.S. Alfredo De Angelis is best known for his late 1950s instrumentals like “Pavadita” and “Mi dolor,” and these wonderful vals duets by Julio Martel and Carlos Dante, which always bring a nice dose of romance to the evening.
Usually, I play only three valses (especially at milongas less than four hours long), though there are plenty of DJs who play four. Often, they include the vals “A Magaldi” (1947) in this set. That song is dedicated to the late Agustín Magaldi (1898–1938), an early tango singer, best known to audiences outside Argentina because he appears in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical “Evita” as the first lover of the famous titular lady.