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Caló—Vocals with Raúl Berón

Jamás retornarás (1942)
Corazón, no le hagas caso (1942)
Lejos de Buenos Aires (1942)
Trasnochando (1942)

Raúl Berón was only 22 years old when he recorded these classic tangos with Miguel Caló‘s orchestra.
My first experience with Golden Age tango dance music was in Lídia Ferrari‘s studio in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where she also attended to her patients (she is a trained psychoanalyst). Lídia was my first teacher, and during our private lessons she played this CD of Caló/Berón tangos. This is the only commercial disc I own where I have played every single track in public at a milonga (though for “Margarita Gauthier,” the candombe “Azabache,” and “Milonga antigua” it has been only once each). I actually love all the Caló/Berón tangos, so when I play them (at almost every milonga I DJ) I vary the order and selection quite a bit, to create a more diverse or homogenous tanda, depending on the energy and mood of the crowd. This is merely one of the arrangements I have played.
The beautiful violins opening “Jamás retornarás” (You Will Never Return) always fill the floor quickly. “Corazón, no le hagas caso,” (Heart, Pay Her No Mind) is probably the calmest of the tanda, with a moment of frenzy near the end, just before the last repetition of the chorus. “Lejos de Buenos Aires” (Far from Buenos Aires), for me the most dramatic of this set, is an expat’s homesick lament. We close with the iconic “Trasnochando” (Out All Night), which is a bittersweet reflection on one of the consequences of being a night owl and reckless bon vivant.