DDPs Favorite Tandas:
About the Tandas

“Si en las siguientes páginas hay algún verso logrado, perdóneme el lector el atrevimiento de haberlo compuesto yo antes que él. Todos somos unos; poco difieren nuestras naderías, y tanto influyen en las almas las circunstancias, que es casi una casualidad esto de ser tú el leyente y yo el escribidor—el desconfiado y fervoroso escribidor—de mis versos.”

“If the following pages contain any successful verse, I beg the reader’s pardon for the audacity of having composed it before he could. We are all really one; our trifles do not differ much at all, and the circumstantial influences on every soul are such that it is almost a coincidence that you are the reader and I am the writer—the suspicious, fervent writer—of my verses.”

—Jorge Luis Borges
From the original prologue to Fervor de Buenos Aires, 1923.

I carefully chose the title of this blog: “DDP’s Favorite Tandas.” There are a limited number of danceable tango recordings, and a limited number of these are available in digital versions clean enough to play for social dance. I have only been dancing tango since 2006 and only DJing publically since 2008, so it would be an unpardonable egotism to claim that I have created or invented these tandas, that I have been the first to play them in this order.

At the milongas, when I am “in the booth,” I don’t always play the same tandas I list here—especially during festivals, because I don’t like to overlap the other DJs’ sets too much. There are enough good social tangos to fill a whole weekend with few repetitions.

The sound samples I provide are intentionally low-fi, low-bit rate and are intended for reference and informational purposes only. If you are a DJ and wish to own these songs yourself, please purchase commercially available copies. The wonderful site TangoTunes has vinyl and shellac transfers of many songs, and they are available to purchase individually. If you wish to purchase CDs, Michael Lavocah’s site milonga.co.uk is the best resource, including advice on which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.



2 thoughts on “About the Tandas

  1. Hi…

    You forgot Di Sarli Bar Exposicion (or Don Jose Maria).. recorded in the same week.. so really similiar…)

    Greetings from GErmany Uwe

    Posted by Uwe Kaufmann El CHiquito | 29.10.2014, 9:49 am


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