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D’Agostino/Vargas: Greatest Hits

Tres Esquinas (1941)
El Yacaré
Solo compasión
Adiós, arrabal 

No Golden Age orchestra is as intimately identified with a single singer as Ángel D’Agostino‘s orchestra is with Ángel Vargas. The Two Ángeles are an inseparable icon of tango.
This thematically diverse tanda includes some of their greatest hits. “Tres Esquinas” (Three Corners) is an elegy to the bygone days of a beloved neighborhood. “El Yacaré” (The Gator) is the nickname of Elías Antúnez, a famous jockey from the jungle province Corrientes in northeastern Argentina, and this tango describes a memorable win of his in the Hipodromo de Palermo. In “Solo compasión” (Only Compassion) the man in the lyrics forgives a woman who never truly loved him back—and he actually compares himself to Jesus forgiving those who crucified him! The tanda closes as it opened, with “Adiós, arrabal,” (Goodbye, arrabal), another bittersweet farewell to a bygone neighborhood, though in the end the man returns to his sweet mother, asking her pardon for being so pig-headed.


About Derrick Del Pilar

Born and raised in Chicago, I came to the tango while studying at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires in 2006. In 2008 I earned my B.A. with majors in Creative Writing and Spanish & Portuguese from the University of Arizona, and in 2009 I earned an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. My specialty is the history & literature of early 20th century Argentina.


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